What colour circles do you see? Try the optical illusion that is fooling everyone

23 July 2018, 15:27 | Updated: 23 July 2018, 15:57

Optical illusion

Believe it or not, all the circles in this picture are the SAME colour.

A new optical illusion that's bound to send your eyes potty has got everyone questioning their eyesight.

Classed as a 'Munker Illusion' the image features round circles with a variety of coloured lines going through them - but what colour circles do you see?

Credit: David Novick 

If you answer that the circles vary in colour, sadly, you're wrong.

The circles are in fact all the same shade - RGB 250, 219, 172 to be precise - but our eyes are tricked into seeing three or four different hues.

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David Novick, Professor of Engineering Education and Leadership at the University of Texas, designed the illusion and named it 'confetti'.

He reveals that it's the lines penetrating the circles that cause our eyes to go into overdrive and believe there's a variety of colours. 

Posting to his Twitter, the professor explained that, if you zoom in, you will be able to identify that the circles are the same colour.

Many people who discovered the 'confetti' illusion on Twitter were quick to applaud the professor for his work:

Did the optical illusion fool you?