Is This The WORST Dating Advice Ever?

hes just not that into you dating advice

From never sharing food on the first day to not blinking for the entire evening – here are the most ridiculous and down-right hilarious dating tips of all time…

A first date can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life but if you're wanting that second date then don't fret, these Twitter users have got some hilarious dating advice for you.

Yep, Twitter users from around the world are sharing their most offensive and downright ridiculous dating tips online in order to educate others on exactly what not to do while attempting to romance someone…

Using a new hashtag, #UnhingedDatingTips, the suggestions include some real funny gems like "Use their toothbrush on the first date" or "Leave halfway through the meal. It will keep the mystery alive".

Our stomachs hurt from laughing so much!

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