The Yorkshire Pudding Beats The Cornish Pasty To Be Named The Best Regional Food!

Yorkshire pudding best regional food canvas

It turns out that Cornish pasties and Bakewell tarts have nothing on the Yorkshire pudding when it comes to the best iconic regional foods. 

The humble Yorkshire pud has surpassed the Devon cream tea and the Eccles cake to be named the regional dish in the eyes of the nation. 

According to the study by Gourmet Society, the British public prefer the roast dinner staple over Cheddar cheese and the Lancashire hotpot. 

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The study also found that despite haggis being the most well-known regional dish, it's the nation's least favourite dish, just pipping the East End's jellied eels to the post. 

Last year, fish and chips were voted as the Best British dish ever by an earlier study by the Gourmet Society. 

Do you think the Yorkshire pudding should be crowned the best regional dish?

What's the best British regional dish?