QUIZ! Which Hogwarts House Should You Be In Based On Your TV Choices?

21 November 2017, 15:51

TV Harry Potter Quiz

By Naomi Berners

Take this quiz, then head out to by your house robes pronto!

There's a lot you can tell about a person by way of their television habits.

From binge-watchers to docu-absorbers and everything in between, watching TV has become a fundamental part of most people's lives.

And equally, Harry Potter is also VERY much a fundamental part of some people's lives.

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So, what happens when you smash the two together in an epic quiz format?

You get the answer you've been wanting to know all your life - which Hogwarts house should you REALLY belong in?

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This quiz is totally accurate...of course...and if you say otherwise, we'll send a Howler your way!

Only joking! We're lowly muggles.

Happy quizzing!