We Bet You Can't Tell What Colour These Spirals REALLY Are?

confused woman

Looking at these trippy, psychedelic patterns would be enough to do anyone's head in! But can you figure out what colours these twisty shapes really are? It's harder than you think!

If we look at this picture the room starts to spin at little...but this is in fact the newest optical illusion taking the in internet by storm.

The picture below shows pink, blue and green colours spiralling into each other, right? 

Well so it would seem...

Akiyoshi Kitaoka illusion

In reality this picture plays on the way we see and perceive colours. 

The image was created by Japanese Professor of Psychology Akiyoshi Kitaoka. 

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If you look closer you'll see that although we think we see blue spirals in this picture, this is actually just the same green as in the obviously green spiral, it's just blended with purple rather than orange. 

Akiyoshi Kitaoka illusion

Yep that's right - the "blue" is really THIS colour. 

Akiyoshi Kitaoka illusion

Mind = BLOWN!