How Many Friends Can You Fit Into Your Life Really?!

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We have a friendship limit but what's the magic Number? Facebook may tell you that you're the social butterfly of the season but how many close relationships can you REALLY maintain with people? We bet it's less than you think...

Hands up who's constantly Tweeting their followers and following people back in Instagram? Yep we're all guilty of it, but do these passing interactions really have any meaning? 

We may think we can have it all when it comes to keeping up with everyone in our lives, but research claims that we have a set limit of close friendships that we're able to keep up with.

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New research claims that we only have the capacity (let alone time!) to give sufficient attention to FIVE people.

What's more, despite technology changing dramatically over the last couple of decades, this upper limit has in fact remained unchanged for thousands of years. 

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Your inner sanctum is like a closely guarded secret, but Scientists writing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, also claim that our extended friendship group can reach as many as around 132 people. 

Apparently these numbers are all to do with the way our brain is wired... but we won't bore you with the complicated science!