These are the medical reasons why you're waking up at the same time every night

10 August 2018, 14:04 | Updated: 10 August 2018, 16:01

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If you wake up at the same time every night, there could be a medical reason behind it.

Most people find themselves waking at some point during the night - and your body might be telling you something.

But if you're someone who seems to wake up at the same time, Traditional Chinese Medicine dictates that this could be down to an 'imbalance' in a specific organ system.

The imbalance can then be linked to an emotion - explained below.

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10pm-11pm: Hormones and Metabolism

If you struggle to switch off in the first place, TCM would place the blame with stress. They suggest trying to find the root cause of what's making you angsty.

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Inability to sleep at this time could also be down to endocrine imbalances such as thyroid or metabolism.

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11pm-1am: Gall Bladder

If you've been struggling with making decisions and feeling like you've got low self-esteem, it could be your gall bladder's fault. 

Failing to sleep between these hours means, according to TCM, that you're depleting your gall bladder's energy stores, which can lead to lack of self-esteem, poor judgement and difficulty digesting fats. 

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1am - 3am: Liver

If you're irritable, frustrated and angry, it might be an imbalance in your liver. 

TCM states that liver is emotionally connected to anger, so to regularly wake at this time could mean that you have 'repressed anger or long standing resentment.'

Symptoms of liver imbalance could also include irregular menstruation in women, anaemia, chronic fatigue and headache. 

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3am - 5am: Lungs

Lungs are emotionally associated with grief. To wake between 3-5am may mean that you're struggling with grief and sorrow.

The imbalance from lungs would show itself in the form of wheezing, coughing, asthma or constantly getting sick.

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5am - 7am: Large intestine 

According to TCM, the large intestine is linked to 'letting go' (in more ways than one). 

If you've struggled to let go of something in life, this may be the reason behind you waking during these hours.

TCM also believe that between 5 and 7am is the best time to have a bowel movement. So now you know.

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