Record-breaking number of spiders are invading British homes - here's why

16 September 2019, 13:09 | Updated: 18 September 2019, 11:24

Homes are becoming increasingly full of spiders
Homes are becoming increasingly full of spiders. Picture: Getty

Spiders have been taking over the UK recently, and there's a reason as to why.

Homes all over Britain have been overcome with a ridiculous amount of spiders over the past few week.

It's currently bang in the middle of spider season and the eight-legged creatures are all mating, which is one reason we've been spotting them absolutely everywhere, but it's not the only reason.

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Spiders are making their way into homes in a record-breaking wave
Spiders are making their way into homes in a record-breaking wave. Picture: PA

This year there has been a huge rise in number, with record-breaking figures of creepy crawlies making their way into UK homes.

But what's the reason for the increase? It's all down to this crazy weather apparently!

This summer's blistering heatwaves followed by soaking downpours make it the perfect setting for them to head into our houses.

Scientists at the University of Gloucester have revealed that the fluctuating temperatures over the last few months have prepared the perfect conditions for the eight-legged creatures to make themselves at home, as the smaller creatures that spiders love eating have now settled in.

Because of this, spiders will now be heading in to devour them. Wonderful.

Entomologists at the university have scoured Twitter to create a map of spider season so far.

They have found that people were tweeting about spotting spiders earlier than last year, and seeing more of them in their homes.

Professor Adam Hart told The Telegraph " “It certainly looks as if people are getting quite excited by it quite early this year.

“People are saying that they are seeing more than they normally do.”

There's a reason we're spotting more than normal
There's a reason we're spotting more than normal. Picture: PA

Hart also revealed to the BBC : "about 80% of the spiders people see are males".

The reason behind this is because male spiders are out and about wandering to find a female mate, who are found hiding in our houses.