This Personality Trait Is The Biggest Reason For Relationship Break Ups

7 March 2018, 12:45 | Updated: 23 August 2018, 16:58

Break Up Couple

By Naomi Berners

Are you guilty of this bad habit?

The key to a successful relationship is patience, patience and more patience. 

Although it appears that there are some things that people just can't hack putting up with - to the point where it becomes a serious deal-breaker.

READ MORE: Emma Thompson Reveals The Real Life Heartbreak Behind That Love Actually Scene've found the partner of your dreams, and all is going swimmingly - until you move in together, and you realise that they are possibly the most untidiest, messiest individual you've ever come across.

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If the thought of such a scenario causes you to involuntarily convulse, rest assured that you're definitely not alone.

According to a survey created by YouGov, a huge 71% of people said that having a partner messier than themselves was an absolute no-go and strong grounds for ending a relationship.

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The top 3 reasons for breaking up looked a bit like this:

1. Caring a lot less about being clean and tidy

2. A lower intelligence level

3. Too easygoing 

Other deal-breakers were being less sociable, less ambitious, and a lack of sophistication.

Also high in the no-go list was 'being less funny than you' - but let's face it - we'd be single FOREVER if we tried to find someone that matched our comical ability, so we have to let this one slide right?!

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People seemed to mind far less if their potential significant other earned more money than them (shock horror), with 84% voting that they were 'comfortable' with that notion.

The public said that they were also happy to be someone that had better organisational skills than themselves and a good sense of spontaneity. 

If you've broken into a cold sweat just thinking about that unwashed cereal bowl abandoned on the kitchen sink, you best get home pronto!

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