Relationship 101: Mistakes We WON'T Be Making Again!

Broken heart stock image

Women are taking rallying behind a new hashtag on Twitter that calls on us to share our most valuable lessons from previous, failed relationships.

Yes, ladies across the world are uniting to reveal their painful and precious memories by Tweeting using the hashtag #LastRelationshipTaughtMe

The results range from eye-wateringly funny, to gut wrenching, to extraordinary, but all are completely personal.

It's amazing to read these mini life lessons and see them being shared and built upon as others add their own comments and learnings.  

Some are empowering:

Some are positive:

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Others are sad:

And some are more even handed:

It isn't the first time the hashtag has trended, but it's recently picked up again as women across the world share their stories with each other.

One thing's for sure - us ladies are full of some serious wisdom!