There Is A New Theory For Improving Your Relationship...And We Think You'll Like This One!

couple watching TV

We LOVE this new theory about how to bond with your other half and improve your relationship...

Nights in might just be the new nights out! 

Or at least according to a recent study published by The Journal Of Social and Personal Relationships.

That's right, because it's now been proven that couples who share the same taste in TV programmes, movies and other shared interests will have a stronger connection. 

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The study says that 'when people lack a shared circle of friends with their partners, sharing media like TV shows, books, and movies with partners may compensate for this deficit and restore closeness.'

The idea behind the theory is that by watching the same TV shows it can feel as though you are sharing a group of friends with your other half.

As a result makes you feel closer with your spouse and as though you have had more of the same shared social experiences. 

If only we were all ACTUALLY mates with the Friends crew and could hang out in Central Perk eh?

Great news! Now we can justify that four hour Netflix binge in our pyjamas...