Half of Brits think ‘reliable broadband’ is more important than their partner

4 October 2019, 12:45 | Updated: 4 October 2019, 14:19

Brits think a reliable broadband connection is more important than their partner
Brits think a reliable broadband connection is more important than their partner. Picture: Getty

New research has shown that half of us would prioritise a decent wifi connection over our significant other... and pets don't fare well, either.

If you sleep better snuggled up with your smartphone or tablet for a few hours of scrolling through social media or watching a series than cuddled up with your partner - you're not alone.

New research has revealed that half of Brits would prioritise a decent wifi connection over their significant other - and a whopping seven out of 10 would prioritise "strong, reliable broadband" over the family pet.

The stats have been released by TalkTalk, who have discovered a shift in people's habits - and it's all down to the internet.

TalkTalk’s new research also revealed that 1 in 4 of us admit to staying home spending hours watching funny videos of animals to wind down after a long day at work.

The other online guilty pleasures making up British adults' top five are sending people funny memes; watching their favourite ‘trashy’ TV shows; catching up on the latest celebrity gossip; and window shopping - adding clothes to their online shopping basket just for fun.

Other less wholesome pastimes include watching pimple popping videos, while 30 per cent of 18-34-year olds spending time stalking their partner/ex on social media.

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A huge 68 per cent of respondents said that they feel angry or anxious when their internet doesn’t work, but rather than this reliance on the internet making people introverted, a third of people say they spend more time at home with family and friends now that there is more online entertainment available.

Half admitted that their broadband helps them feel more connected to their friends and family.

Nick Gunga, Chief Customer Officer at TalkTalk said: “Family life is made easier by the reliability of their broadband. So many of the activities we love to do at home revolve around the internet, so we need it to keep up with us."

To hear more about the way the we love to use the internet, head here for more on the TalkTalk research