Our favourite reusable, eco-friendly water bottles and coffee cups

28 March 2018, 17:13 | Updated: 21 November 2018, 17:17

Eco friendly bottles

With plastic consumption a major issue in today's climate, it's time to invest in a reusable, eco friendly alternative. Whether you're into hot drinks, cold drinks, or both, get your perfect bottle and help save the planet!

With the announcement that plastic bottles are to face a 22p surcharge in a bid to combat waste, we think it's about time we invested in some good old reusable cups.

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When you think of a 'thermal mug', the ugly camping style springs to mind, but hey, it's 2018 and now there's some super pretty options just asking to hold our sweet, sweet coffee.

Equally, who said bottles for cold beverages had to be dull? Here are some of our top picks that we think would look fabulous in your hand!

1. Chameleon colour changing stainless steel bottle - £11.50

Chameleon water bottle

In a bid to encourage people to drink more water AND keep the planet plastic-free, this Kickstarter campaign is all about actual colour-changing bottles that react to cold liquid. 

With a choice of purple, peach or blue, the Chameleon bottles allow you to see exactly how much water is left in your bottle - thus informing you of how much you've drunk so far. We love!

Buy it here.


2. Elephant thermal mug - Primark - £2.50

Primark Mug

This cute black and white elephant design would compliment any outfit - and we love the price!

Buy it here.


3. Happy Jackson Tea Coffee Gin thermal mug - John Lewis - £7

John Lewis Mug

A little bit of humour brightens everyone's day! 

Buy it here.


4. Chilly's Bottles - £20

Chilly water bottles

These can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. A handy choice if you're fond of both beverage options.

Buy it here.


5. Wellesley Blossom travel cup - Cath Kidston - £14

Cath Kidston Mug

It's as elegant as a thermal cup can be! There's literally no one that can resist the classic Cath Kidston style.

Buy it here.


6. Roald Dahl 'Matilda' travel mug - Tesco - £12.99

Tesco Mug

The child in us loves that we can still buy Roald Dahl goodies! This cup gives us serious nostalgia.

Buy it here.


7. I'm saving the planet coffee cup - Asos - £6

Asos Mug

Be proud about the change you're making to the world! 

Buy it here.


8. Dopper Sweet People Water Bottle - £12.50

Dopper water bottle

This eco-friendly option features an easy-to-clean screw-on lid and built-in cup, making it pretty handy for every occasion. The array of colours certainly make it a desirable accessory.

Buy it here.


9. Floral colour pop travel mug - The Range - £4.50

The Range Mug

This bargain is vintage-cute and has an inspiring motto across the front - it's pretty much the dream cup!

Buy it here.


10. 'Coffee is the answer' take-out cup - £12.50

Paperchase Mug

This mug tells no lies! We love the colour combo on this ceramic beauty.

Buy it here.