Richard Osman starts fierce Twitter debate on where the north ends and south begins

20 May 2019, 14:09 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 15:33

Richard Osman has caused a social media frenzy
Richard Osman has caused a social media frenzy. Picture: BBC/Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The North/South divide is a much more complicated issue than just geography.

Pointless star Richard Osman has sparked an almighty debate on social media after asking his followers a question about the north/south divide.

Yep, now us Brits have been something new to argue over - where does the north end and where does the south begin?

Richard took to Twitter with the question: “Forgive an England-centric question, but, Southerners, name the place where you think the North begins, and, Northerners, name the place where you think the South begins. #NorthBegins #SouthBegins Do please RT.”

As you can imagine, the replies flooded in with people from all over the country taking the opportunity to re-start the old-age rivalry.

Some people were convinced culinary differences set the two regions apart…

“#NorthBegins where you can get pudding, chips, peas & gravy in the chippy #SouthBegins Where strangers have fear in their eyes if you say hello to them,” joked one.

Another - presumably Scottish user - added: “The South begins at the first shop that doesnt sell Irn Bru.”

The North/South divide has been debated for years
The North/South divide has been debated for years. Picture: Getty

Other Brits pondered whether the cost of alcohol was the real difference between the north and south, as a third Twitter user wrote: “The north begins anywhere people would be shocked at the price of a pint in the south.”

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Someone else reckoned it was where 'bath' changed to 'barth' and from 'cup' to 'cap', while the argument over whether an evening meal is called ‘tea’ or ‘dinner’ was also brought up.

Even The Chase star Anne Hegarty had her say, as she Tweeted: “The North begins at Stoke on Trent. Everything south of that is the Midlands. #iamright.”

When one follower challenged Stoke being in the north, Anne wrote back: "Nope, when I drive south from Manchester I am still in the north until I get to the junction for Stoke. I didn't say Stoke ITSELF couldn't be in the midlands, if you object to being northerners."

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The Tweet has so far received over 6500 replies, and possibly answering the Twitter debate, the phrase ‘Watford gap’ even started trending.

Will we EVER find out the answer?