Sainsbury's are selling Dyson vacuums for just £50 today - but only in select stores

16 October 2019, 12:16

Sainsbury's are selling cheap Dysons today
Sainsbury's are selling cheap Dysons today. Picture: Dyson/Getty

Shoppers have been queueing since 4am to try and get their hands on a Dyson - but it's not as straightforward as it sounds

Sainsbury's confirmed it would be holding the biggest ever sale of Dyson vacuums today (Wednesday 16 October) - but all is not what it seems.

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They announced that the Dyson V6 Trigger (usually £149.99),would be slashed to £50, as well as a number of other products reduced.

Some people were queuing as early as 4am this morning
Some people were queuing as early as 4am this morning. Picture: Getty

The supermarket giant has apologised for a 'miscommunication' after hundreds of shoppers across the UK descended on the stores - only to be turned away.

People reportedly queued from 4am in some areas to get their hands on one, but the offer is only available for residual stock in select stores - and not, as many thought, a nationwide deal.

The Dysons are available in select stores while stocks last
The Dysons are available in select stores while stocks last. Picture: Dyson

One Sainsbury's worker told the Birmingham Live that they had been inundated with calls about the deal, which was not occurring at their store.

"The phone calls have been going on since last night, I worked the night shift and the queues were building outside from 4am."

Angry shoppers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations about the lack of deal in their local shops, with one writing: "Selected stores? Just been to Sainsbury’s Calcot, Reading and they said they haven’t got any Dyson vacuums."

Another added: "Missed boxing training this morning to get to Sainsbury’s for 8am to get the Dyson that was reported to be £50. Of course they didn't have any in. I don’t no whether I am more disappointed about not getting the hoover or the fact I was excited about getting a hoover."

Sainsbury's have confirmed online that the deal is legitimate and they are selling cut-price Dysons - but only in select stores.

It is therefore advisable to call up your local Sainsbury's store before heading there to check whether the offer is valid.


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