This Halloween Decoration Is SO Scary, Shops Have Banned It!

Scariest Halloween Decoration

We all love making our houses spooky for halloween - but would you go as far as this TERRIFYING decoration?

When people think of Halloween dec's, they might opt for a classic pumpkin, perhaps some cobwebs and if you really want to go to town, a fake tombstone on the front lawn.

But this decoration sold by Home Depot stores in Canada has taken things WAY too far!

Scary halloween decoration removed from stores


Meet 'Peeping Tom'!

This creepy Halloween decoration, manufactured by Scary Peeper is designed to stick to the outside of a window and give a scare to whatever unlucky person is on the other side!

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It might look pretty tame in the above photo, but imagine what a fright you'd get at night! This video gives a taste of the sort of reaction 'peeping Tom' gets from unsuspecting residents!

Spooky stuff right! I think we'll stick to pumpkin carving...