These Wedding Dresses Are Second Hand And They Still Look Stunning

5 March 2018, 17:06 | Updated: 12 July 2018, 13:59

Wedding Dress

You'd never know they were pre-loved, but the bargain price gives it away!

Many brides-to-be believe that one thing they simply can't scrimp on is their dress. This is true - although what brides consider to be 'scrimping' might possibly stop them from actually being budet-savvy.

More and more women are choosing to get their dresses second hand, and before you turn your nose up at the thought - it actually makes a lot of sense.

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A second hand bridal gown will have only been worn for one day, and depending on how conscious the wearer was, your guests may never know it didn't come fresh from a store. Does the notion that you HAVE to have a brand new dress warrant spending an extra £1000+?

As long as it looks, amazing and makes you feel fabulous - surely it doesn't matter?

Check out these beautiful gowns that have been pre-worn and pre-loved:

 Elegant doesn't do this gown justice, it's perfection!


 This dress has an unbelievable price tag!



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Who wouldn't look amazing in this?!


 Just look at that pretty train!



Lace, lace, lace... so elegant! Less is more! Don't you think?

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This beautiful dress is a sure head-turner! 

Next time you're knee deep in spreadsheets and working out how to cut back the costs for your big day, consider the pre-loved option!

Would you wear a second hand gown?