We Have The Secret That Will GUARANTEE You A Second Date!

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Dating is a dark art that none of us quite have the perfect formula for. But recent research should increase your chances of getting to the second date...

The opposite sex are a mysterious thing, and we will never truly know what's going through a dates head or what our partners thoughts are.

But recently Match carried out a survey that revealed some interesting secrets about those in the dating game and the best way to insure that all important second date.

5,500 single Americans were surveyed and the results were very varied and pretty fascinating.

Apparently you are 137% more likely to get a second date if your first date involves cocktails. After dinner drinks up your chances by 59%.

60% of singles prefer an evening date and 39% would prefer to go out on a Saturday night.

Politics are a turn on and talking about it will increase your chance of a second date by 91%.

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A date of around 2 and a half hours is likely to get a second date, but any longer and any less then your chances plummet!

50% of singles think that a good first date ends with a kiss!

By those standards it means in theory a perfect first date is cocktails with a heated debate about Donald Trump for a couple of hours on a Saturday evening...er...sounds perfect!