The Secret To Happiness Lies In THESE Rules That All Danish People Live By

copenhagen secret to happiness

It's not long until the days will be getting shorter and the weather will be getting wetter so we are looking to a country with even darker winter nights than us for advice!

As summer draws to a close and eventually our days get shorter, it'll be harder to feel peppy everyday once the sunshine has finally said goodbye.

So thank goodness that we can seek advice from a country that's perhaps even wetter than our own - Denmark!

Danish people are obsessed with a concept called Hygge, so obsessed in fact that NINE books on the topic are due to be released just as the obsession is reaching our shores.

Hygge is the Danes canny way of being able to make ANY situation a cosy and pleasant one, and they try not to get bogged down in mundane things that we Brits seem to worry.

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Meik Weiking is a happiness guru and has spent years studying the Danish way of life in order to find out what makes them one of the most cheerful populations in the world.

Cosiness is key and he said that Danes tend to 'focus on quality relationships and conversations, not the louder, bigger, more razzmatazz American style of socialising,’ 

Also during social events, they aren't glued to their mobile phones and devices like us Brits, something i'm sure we've all been guilty of at one point or another.

How good a social event was is determined by the level of hygge, so it's a pretty big deal. 

Hygge also applies to bars and restaurants which are too rated by their hygge, and house prices are even effected by the concept.

It all amounts to a much low pressure lifestyle all round. No shouting at your children, taking time to eat and relax and even simple and low key (but of course still stylish) clothes.

See below our top hygge starter tips and some easy ways to get you started...

1. Candles - lots of them.

They are calming, meditative and create a much nicer environment than electrical lighting.

2. Turn off your phone at dinner.

Create a phone free zone to socialise in to avoid distractions and enjoy the moment more.

3. Remember to eat what you like.

danish pastries
Nothing brings negativity more than trying to do that near impossible diet - allow yourself to eat food that you want to eat.


4. Care about your surroundings.

Spend time making your house a haven, it's important!

5. Avoid conflict and drama.

Steer away from conversations that may result in a heated debate.

The Danish population pay the highest amount of taxes in the world - 55.8%- and have an incredibly grey climate, so if they can keep up the positivity then surely we can follow their lead.

Happy hygge-ing!