Apparently We'll All Be Dating Robots In The Next 30 Years!

robot relationship Bicentennial Man films still

Experts think they've made a scientific breakthrough when it comes to love.

We've all seen the movies.

'I Robot', 'Weird Science' and 'Bicentennial Man' all see the lines between humans and technology become a little too close for comfort.

Well, turns out that the idea of humans having relationships with robots might not be something confined to the studios of Hollywood, as experts seriously believe that new life-like robots could replace human relationships all together.

In fact experts claim that dating a robot could become completely normal by 2050, which is only 34 years away!

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Yep, you heard it right.

Experts claim the next generation of machines, which are currently being nicknamed, err... 'sex robots', will be so intelligent that they will be able to look and act just like humans, meaning that potentially in the future people will have real relationships with robots. 

If you think that sounds bizarre, then you better take a seat because it just gets WEIRDER.

Experts are predicting that these robots could actually make better lovers between the sheets than humans!

Joel Snell, a robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa attempted to explain the method behind the madness by claiming that the androids would "be programmable" therefore  "would meet each individual user’s needs."

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Knowing how to push your partner's buttons behind closed doors can often be make or break when it comes to dating but experts believe robots could eventually do away with any terrible encounters.

The whacky new technology has been met with a lot of criticism, by those who quite rightly believe that humans are obsessed with computers enough as it is and this is all going a bit TOO far.

Dr Richardson, who runs the Campaign Against Sex Robots, has serious concerns about the ethics regarding the technology and fears it will result in humans becoming detached from one another. 

"I do want to live in a world where we think about how we can develop robots - robots that can help us with the hard jobs, the hard toils we have as human beings. 

"But machines, inanimate objects, can't do relations. You can't manufacture human intimate relations, and that's what we're all about." 

We'd have to agree!