Shiny Legs or Paint? This Pair Of Legs Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Shiny legs or white paint? asset

Once you see it, you can't unsee it! Check out the latest optical illusion driving the internet mad.

Another optical illusion is driving the internet mad as punters desperately try to figure out what's REALLY happening in a picture featuring a pair of legs.

At first glance, the picture appears to show a pair of really shiny legs, but at second glance the picture seems to show nothing more than a pair of legs cleverly splashed with white paint. 

What's even more annoying about the picture is that once you see the white paint, you can't 'unsee' it!

Some people claim the white paint is obvious from the start, while others say it took a while to notice that the shiny look was little more than an illusion. 

Since the picture went viral this week, the Twitter have been debating back and fourth over the issue.  

 What do YOU see?