It's The Little Things... Simple Gestures That Make Us Happy

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It could be a colleague making us a cup of tea or enjoying a Sunday roast with loved ones, but it's really the simple things in life that make it so special!

We all remember the big events: graduating from college, our first car, our big day... but it's the everyday that keeps us smiling and loving life and the people around us!

Somebody Making Us A Cuppa

Afternoon Tea
A colleague, friend or family member putting the kettle on and asking us if we'd like a brew is a sweet and considerate gesture. Not only it shows that they think of us, but it also gives us a chance to catch up and take a few minutes out of our day to relax and kick back.


An Extra Hour In Bed In The Morning

Bed Head
Let's be honest, who doesn't hit the snooze button in the morning at least once? But more often than not those extra 10 minutes in bed mean that we have to rush out of the door and we can even feel guilty if we are late for work. So, wouldn't it be nice to have that extra hour of rest in the morning? 


A Hug 

Family Hug
Is there anything sweeter than receiving a hug? Whether it's from a friend, partner or your child, there's little that's as heart-warming as a cuddle. Physical contact lowers stress and most importantly makes us feel loved and cared about. It's a great pick-me-up when we are feeling a little blue, what's more, hugs are free and you can never run out! Trust us and give it a go!


Sunday Roast

 Roast Dinner

Whether it's a home cooked meal with the family or a Sunday roast in the pub, little gives us more joy than sharing food with our loved ones. It fills our tummies and our hearts!



Puppies in a basket
Taking the dog for a walk, a kitten asleep on our lap, these are just some of the simple pleasures of having a pet. Animals live for the moment and we must take a leaf out of their book when it comes to enjoying the little things. 


Finding Money Behind The Sofa

Cash Money

Or anywhere else for that matter! There's something really satisfying about finding a little bit of cash we've forgotten about in the pocket of our trousers or behind the sofa. It may not change our life but it still makes us feel like the gods are smiling down on us!


A Sunny Day

Students summer

A warm, sunny day immediately perks everyone up! We may not always be able to count on it, but it's a lovely surprise when we see that big yellow ball shine bright up in the sky. All of a sudden all we want to do is go out, see friends and enjoy life. 


Freshly Washed Sheets 

Boy in Bed
Crisp, clean sheets are truly one of life's simple pleasures and guarantee a lovely night sleep. Now, if only we could have that extra hour in bed in the morning...


Breakfast In Bed

Having breakfast brought to bed is a lovely and romantic gesture that doesn't require much effort. What's more relaxing than being woken up with some yummy food straight after a lie-in?