The Simple Secrets of Healthy People That Could Transform Your Life

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There are some people who just own life, right? They swing their legs out of bed at 4am, have a kale smoothie and then magically get all their work done by 9am. How do they do it? Here are some simple tricks to transform your life…

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We love a good inspirational story, but sometime we can’t fathom how a person can work 40 hour weeks, raise six kids, go to the gym four times a week, start their own business and go on three holidays a year without keeling over. How on earth do they do it?

It might sound impossible, but the most successful people have a few tricks up their sleeves for staying healthy, organized and proactive without burning out. 

Want to follow in their footsteps? Well, here are some golden bits of advice that will help you reach you’re A-game; from sleeping right to breaking your to-do list habit…

Don’t underestimate sleep

You may think indulging in an all-nighter to get that important project finished is a good thing, but not getting enough sleep has been linked to all sorts of medial conditions, including weight gain and heart disease.

Dr Guy Meadows, author of ‘The Sleep Book’ recommends following a regular wind down pattern each night to retrain your brain to sleep. This can include reading before bed for 30 minutes before turning off the light, or just breathing deeply taking in the sensation of the duvet on your toes. Both of these things can help you nod off.

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Exercise comes in many shapes and sizes

Come New Year you may be swearing that you’ll be hitting the gym five times a week and jogging on weekends, but who said great exercise has to be so regimented? Experts recommend 30 minutes of heart-rate boosting exercise per day, and this could include a run for the bus, walking to work or a dance DVD.

If you hate running or lifting weights, why torture yourself with an exercise plan that includes them. Fill your schedule with things you enjoy, like swimming, Zumba classes or walks in the countryside with friends instead. 

Lower your expectations

The most successful, healthy people know that unrealistic goals are a sure fire way to fail. Telling yourself a diet will make you look like Angelina Jolie, or a new career will make you instantly successful like Karen Brady is just lining yourself up for disappointment.

Be honest with yourself and decide what you can achieve on a daily, monthly and yearly basis and then act within those means. Did you know, by restricting your diet by 500 calories per day you’re likely to lose around 1lb per week? That means it will take more than three months to lose a stone. Expecting changes over night means you’re more likely to give in – so be realistic. 

Blitz and freeze

We all know by now what a healthy diet entails, but you may be genuinely strapped for time when it comes to making healthy meals from scratch (and doing the weekly shop).

Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master, recommends making batches of healthy veggie and fruit smoothies and freezing the lot in plastic bottles, freezer bags or sports bottles. There isn’t a single veggie or fruit that doesn’t freeze well, so you’ll have a whole month’s supply of goodness in your freezer ready for when time is tight. Job done. 

The early bird catches the worm

Beds are cruel. We know we should get up, but they’re just too darn comfortable. Turns out though getting up early is one of the biggest secrets of successful people. Think about it, you wake up at 5.30am every day and you’ll have 30 minutes of exercise and an hour of work out the way before 8am. Not bad!

According to the experts, an early rising time gives you a brain-power boost, helps you perform better in tasks and exams and increases productivity. It is also linked to healthier long-term mental health. If you need a little help in the mornings try a wake-up light lamp, like the Phillips Lumie which mimics the effects of a natural sunrise on your body. 

A daily to-do list isn’t necessarily a good thing…

Do you think Richard Branson gets up every morning and writes himself a list? Nope, ultra-productive people don’t use them because they know they’re essentially flawed. Think about it, a to-do list doesn’t account for time – there may be five things on your list but one of them could take four days! To-do lists aren’t helpful for distinguishing between what’s important and what’s not, and some experts even argue they make stress worse. 

What’s the solution? Having a detailed, time-outlined schedule is what seems to be the go-to for successful people, with tasks such as household chores, work and replying to emails given a specific amount of time in the day. Do this, and you could be more productive on a daily basis…

Have regular digital blackouts

There are loads of scientific studies that prove humans can’t multi-task, so why do we insist we can answer a text, write a report and host a meeting all at once? Experts suggest that over-stimulation from excessive smartphone use can actually damage our brains, which means you’ll benefit from a daily switch off.

Not only will your meetings be better (no one’s going to be sneaking a look at their mobiles) but you’ll also get better at making decisions as you can’t quickly check something on Google. Plus, turning your phone off 30 to 40 minutes before bed is also shown to help you sleep better. It’s a win-win situation! 

Ask for advice…ALL THE TIME 

Successful people aren't afraid to ask for advice; whether it's chatting to a personal trainer at the gym about how to use the weights machine, or speaking to a more senior colleague to find out more about their career trajectory and tips for success. Whatever you need help on, you'll make like quicker, easier and more efficient for yourself if you ask for help. 

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