'My sister was furious after I wore jeans and a top to her black tie wedding'

16 May 2022, 14:05

The wife has asked the internet for advice (stock images)
The wife has asked the internet for advice (stock images). Picture: Getty

A woman has spoken of her upset after being called out by her sister for wearing casual clothes to her wedding.

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Picking out the perfect wedding outfit can be a daunting task, and one woman's choice led to a feud with her family.

Sharing her story to Reddit, she revealed that she opted to wear jeans and a top to her sister's wedding due to the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable in dressier clothes.

The anonymous 19-year-old wrote: "I simply dress more masculine and casual. I never liked doing my hair or my makeup and I was never into that feminine stuff.

Her decision caused an argument with her sister
Her decision caused an argument with her sister. Picture: Getty

"My sister got married last week and ever since her wedding planning started taking place I've been told that I should dress appropriately for the wedding.

"They expected me to make my hair or makeup but this is just not for me."

After telling her family she didn't want a dress, they told her that she could wear a suit or something similar.

She added that, after trying on the suits, she opted to wear an expensive pair of jeans and a nice blue top.

When she arrived at the venue, however, she was initially refused entry because of the black tie dress code.

Her sister convinced the staff to let her, but ended up ignoring her for the entire night.

The woman added: "I called my sister trying to talk it out and I said that we should really let this go, it's just clothes.

"My sister then started ranting about how on her wedding day she had to stress about convincing the owner of the venue to let me in because I couldn't follow one simple and common rule.

"She said that me proving how different I am was more important than making a small compromise and wearing a suit at least.

"I explained how it's such a stupid argument because why would I have to wear a suit and how shallow she is for caring so much about appearances and outfits and that her wedding should be special to her beyond the sparkles and the expensive hair and makeup."

Many people on Reddit sided with the sister, with one writing: "HER wedding wasn’t about you. You made it about you. That’s selfish."

Another added: "Dress codes are a thing. We abide by them daily. You can’t wear a bikini to the office, e.g. Your sister is right - why couldn’t you just put yourself second for one day and played along?"

A third wrote: "Her wedding wasn't about you, there was a dress code and you refused to adhere to it. Very few people are actually comfortable in wedding clothes but you suck it up for the person you love special day."