Stuck With Some Old Pound Coins? Here's Where You Can Still Spend Them!

16 October 2017, 11:29 | Updated: 16 October 2017, 11:35

You can still spend the old Pound Coins

By Alice Westoby

Sunday 15th October was the last day to use the old pound coin but some stores are still allowing shoppers to use them.

From today shops will no longer be accepting the old pound coin in favour of the shiny new 12-sided coin that got introduced a few months ago.

This spells bad news for those of us who have them squirrelled away in jars and money boxes hidden around the house as you'll no longer be able to use them to hop on the bus, park your car or buy a can from a vending machine even.

But luckily there are a few select places left that are willing to accept the old currency.


The frozen food giant will happily accept those old, round pounds and will be doing so until the end of the month. So empty those piggy banks and stock up on pizza! Future you will be grateful.

Iceland Supermarket


Of course they would be accepting them, it's in the name after all! Like Iceland, they will be accepting the old coins until the end of the month so perfect timing to stock up on those Halloween goodies and decorations.

Their managing director Barry Williams said: "Sunday 15th October was the last day to use the old pound coin but some stores are still allowing shoppers to use them."

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The Post Office

If you've no need to buy anything then you can deposit old pound coins into your bank account at your local Post Office.

Banking Services Director for the Post Office Martin Kearsley said: "We would like to reassure anyone who is unclear on what to do with their old £1 coins that the Post Office is here for you. Thanks to an agreement with all UK high street banks, everyone can deposit old pound coins into their usual high street bank account at their local Post Office branch."


Aldi are another supermarket ready to take your old quids until the end of October so you can put those previously forgotten coins towards your food shop.


Many charities are taking full advantage of the fact that people are trying to get rid of their pound coins and want you to donate them! We'd say this is definitely the most worthy cause on the list.