Splitting The Bill At Dinner Is Losing You THIS Much More Money!

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You won't believe the whopping sum of money you're losing over a lifetime from chipping in that extra few quid at dinner...

We've all endured the blood boiling moment when you've been out for a meal with a group of pals and it's time to pay for the bill. 

Firstly, figuring out who had what is always a point of contention, and after a few too many glasses of wine and drunkenly trying to do mental arithmetic, you all decide the easiest thing to do is split the bill.

This is fine of course if you've all pretty much ordered the same thing, but what about if you only had one glass of wine and a small salad? The chances are you'll probably find yourself begrudgingly subsiding someone else's steak and lobster!

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A new study has found that 2 in 3 diners will split the bill when eating out, despite the fear of losing out on money, whilst one third of people feel pressured into splitting because they don't want others to think they're being tight.

The research, carried out by Opentable, revealed that your average diner loses out on at least £8.73 per meal, meaning foodies could be losing out on a whopping £38, 782 during their lifetime!

Yep! All those times you agreed to pitch in an extra couple of quid is costing you dearly, and the amount you lose over a lifetime could be the equivalent to a house deposit.

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Despite the findings, there are some circumstances where Brits put their foot down at dinner. As much as 58 percent said they wouldn't cough up extra cash towards the bill if their peers had been drinking alcohol, while 27 percent said they'd only split with close friends.

We think we'll be paying a little more attention on our next outing!