Can You Figure Out Which DEADLY Creature Is Lurking In The Sand?

confused woman

If you can get this one, you've got better eyes than us! This preying hunter would give you a really nasty nip if you got too close for comfort!

It may look like an ordinary patch of sand but we kid you NOT! There's a dangerous creature lurking in there - can you spot it!

Here’s a clue – have a look for the pattern in the sand and some beady eyes poking out of the desert.

We're giving you JUST one last chance to twig which creature this is before we reveal all!

Nope It's Anything BUT A Plain Old Pile Of Sand!

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C'mon you must have it by now - can you see the pattern of this slithery creature start to emerge? 

 Spot The Eyes!

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The Peringuey’s adder was photographed by the keen-eyed, award winning Photographer Wim van den Heever who spotted the deadly reptile hiding in the sand in the Namib desert, Namibia, Africa. He was able to shoot  the once-in-a-lifetime scene which shows the snake camouflaging itself so it's ready to strike at prey such as lizards and Geckos.

 Now You See It!

Kim, who was leading a safari tour at the time said, “I’ve seen these snakes before but I have never photographed them still submerged in the sand.” This snake, which has an average lifespan of 10 years can grow to between eight and 10 inches long. Although not deadly this snake's venom will cause pain and swelling to prey or any human unlucky enough to get a nip from one.