Stay safe at home this winter with our home security best buys

30 October 2020, 17:52 | Updated: 27 November 2020, 15:42

Stay safe this winter with out security best buys
Stay safe this winter with out security best buys. Picture: Heart

What can you do to keep their homes safe and secure over the winter months? We reveal some top tips for deterring potential burglaries and our best buys for protecting your valuables.

As the clocks go back and the nights close, we all need to take preventative action to prevent becoming a victim of burglars taking advantage of the darker months.

Take a look through these top tips and our favourite home security products on the market to ensure you are don't fall victim.

Hide valuables

Keep expensive items out of view, especially when you're not at home.

Don’t fall victim to defrosting thefts

Many of us unwittingly leave our cars on and unlocked whilst we defrost the windscreen in the morning, and nip back into the house. Don't give thieves this opportunity.

Don’t hide Christmas shopping in your car

Although the thought of your kids finding their presents in the house is a disaster, it'd be much worst to see them taken when they've been taken from your car.

Install cameras and alarms

Smart technology has evolved so much in recent years that it's now easier than ever to use tech to keep your home safe. We've listed a few of our top choices below to help you choose.

Keep windows and doors locked when not in use.

Less likely to be open during the winter months, but it's important to check to make sure you haven't accidentally left one unlocked.

To keep your house safe this winter, we've rounded up our favourite products available to buy now that will help put your mind at ease and give you the tools you need to unwanted visitors out.

Home security: SimpliSafe

The Foundation core kit from Simplisafe
The Foundation core kit from Simplisafe. Picture: Simplisafe

The US home security brand launched in 2006 and it recently landed in the UK last year, so it’s been protecting homes and families for well over a decade.

Why we love it: Each system comes with a Base Station, Wireless Keypad and SimpliCam as a core, they then give you the option to build your own security kit. There's also a handy professional monitoring plan, that can even call the police for you if an intruder is visually verified.

Where to buy: Systems start from £249 with The Foundation, available here.

Door Bell: Ring Door View Cam

Ring Door View Cam Full HD 1080p
Ring Door View Cam Full HD 1080p. Picture: Ring / AO

This Ring Door View camera lets you keep an eye on your front door wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to see who’s knocking at your door.

Why we love it: Easily replaces your existing peephole, without the need for additional wiring or fitting. The Door View cam's sleek design means it blends in with your door. The quality of view is fantastic, as it captures full HD 1080p quality video, with night vision - perfect for these wintry nights.

Where to buy: The Ring Door View Cam is available to buy here from AO for £99.

Door Bell: Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Picture: Ring

This alternative doorbell is the new battery-powered doorbell in Ring’s range with advanced security features including improved motion detection and an added Near Motion Zone feature.

Why we love it: The Doorbell 3 Plus is the first battery-powered doorbell to feature Pre-Roll, an innovative feature which allows you to see the 4 seconds of footage prior to a motion detection.

Where to buy: You can buy the device here for £199.

Outdoor Security Cameras: Floodlight Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Floodlight Cam. Picture: Ring

With darker evenings, there's nothing worse than installing an outdoor camera only to not be able to see clearly at night. The Ring Floodlight Cam has built-in floodlights to make this a serious bit of kit if you're keen to keep your home safe from the outside.

Why we love it: With object and person detection, Floodlight Cam has advanced motion sensors and a 270° field-of-view so you can detect motion around corners and monitor areas of the home you can't see from your windows. There's also a siren alarm and a two-way talk option included.

Where to buy: Available to buy here, for £249

D-Link DCS-8627LH
D-Link DCS-8627LH. Picture: D-Link

For an alternative, find out exactly when someone is around by using AI-based Person Detection on the DCS‑8627LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera. The built-in 400-lumen spotlight shines a bright light when motion is detected which lets you see every detail in colour footage, even during the night.

Why we love it: Their rich push notifications allow you to see more of what's happening and gives you the option to choose actions like see the Live View, or call a neighbour, all without unlocking your phone and logging into the mydlink™ app.

Where to buy: Available to buy here, for £156.99

Indoor Cameras: Wire-Free Security Camera

The Wire-Free Security Camera from Swann
The Wire-Free Security Camera from Swann. Picture: Swann

Whilst this camera can also be mounted outside, we love it as an option for keeping your house secure on the inside. It's non-intrusive design means it won't stand out in your home and gives you the peace of mind to be able to check in on your home when you're away.

Why we love it: It's easy to set-up in a matter of seconds and you have the option to either mount it indoors or outdoors. It includes some top of the range features too with free face recognition, an ultra-wide 180-degree viewing angle, and two-factor authentication for that added layer of security.

Where to buy: Available to buy here, for £149.99