These Stories of Love, Generosity and Human Kindness Prevailed In Manchester

24 May 2017, 10:53

Taxi Driver Giving Free rides Manchester bombing

From brave homeless heroes to a nationwide JustGiving page set up to help the victims and a blood banks being full within hours, stories of humanity, generosity and loving acts pushed through the sombre undertones of Manchester.

Photo: Harjinder S Kukreja

When faced with terror and mayhem, Manchester rose to the height of humanity and galvanised as a community in the most INCREDIBLE response to the atrocity. 

Ordinary people have made a massive difference and reacted with kindness and bravery by helping those in need in any way they can.

This homeless man describes hearing a loud bang and running away only to realise what the bang was and that people needed help. It was then that he and other homeless people ran to help. He describes candidly how he helped the victims, many of whom were children who had been pelted with nails.

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Local residents offered stranded fans places to stay as people across the northern city opened up their homes to those in need. The news emerged via the hashtag #roomsformanchester, which compassionate Manchester residents used to reach out to victims of the incopmprehensible attack. 

Taxi drivers across the city gave free lifts to helpless victims and a homeless man rushed to help the wounded just minutes after the blast.

Free taxis. #roomsformanchester. Long queues at Blood Donor banks. The reaction in #Manchester speaks volumes, love over hate.

— LJ (@lauracjayy) 23 May 2017The Manchester Sikh community handed out free food at a vigil for the victims to those affected or helping in the aftermath of the attack.


Long queues formed outside the city’s blood donation centre. until the NHS said hospitals had enough blood supplies to treat patients including attack victims.

Mancunians across the county worked together in a display of unity and defiance in the face of terror and these are the stories that prevail and will be remembered for all time.