Customers Furious As This Shop DOUBLES Its Prices During Storm Emma

5 March 2018, 13:20 | Updated: 5 March 2018, 13:28

Storm Emma Londis

Storm Emma, combined with The Beast From The East, meant that locals found it difficult to get to their nearby shops, and when they did, there was often only limited supply.

Locals in Newport, Wales, were staggered at their local Londis shop that decided to hike up the prices and seemingly capitalise on their sales during the bad spell.

After one nearby resident was charged a huge £6 just for two loaves of bread, the local councillor Stephen Marshall decided to publicly shame the shop via his Twitter page: 

He directed his tweet at Londis, asking the company to justify their actions but so far they have refrained from replying. 

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However, other Newport locals that saw the image voiced how disgusted they were at the lack of humanity shown by the shop:

Newport was hit with a lot of snow during the cold snap last week, and some local businesses chose to help rather than hinder by giving out food and drink to those who were stranded.

As the bad weather is beginning to subside, many supermarkets and convenience stores are now beginning to resume normal working hours and increase their stock levels once more.

Credit: PA Images 

Storm Emma and The Beast From The East left many people without power, and commuters faced lengthy delays as they tried to go about their daily duties.

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