Strictly Come Dating

Strictly Come Dancing is back with Heart's Jason Donovan and our enthusiasm for dazzling dancing dates.

Before Strictly arrived on our screens back in 2004 ballroom dancing wasn't on the national radar; it was for the elderly and strange types who liked wearing lots of lycra and sequins.

Now, however, all that has changed and we can see ballroom dancing for what it really is: a bit sexy, a lot of fun and very good exercise.

The success of Strictly has resulted in a resurgence of interest in all things dance throughout the UK. If you’re stuck for dating ideas you could do a lot worse than suggesting a lindy hop at your local dance class.

A dancing class is a brilliant idea for a first date as the pressure and nerves of a one-to-one conversation is removed but you can get up close and personal with your date and see if there’s any chemistry between you.

Most of all, though, it’ll be fun! There’s nothing like repeatedly treading on someone’s toes to break the ice and get you giggling. We recommend starting out with something simple like the rumba or waltz, and progress to the trickier ones. The more you date, the better you'll dance!

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