Summer make-up

Take a look at our guide for products that stay put come rain or shine.

Wearing makeup in summer can be tricky. If the weather is hot makeup melts away, if it rains it comes off.
During the warmer months it's always a good idea to keep makeup to a minimum to avoid clogging pores, overloading the skin and accidentally looking like a clown.

Some products have been created to work well during all seasons. Choose carefully, experiment and get to know what's on the market.


A good base is essential for a flawless look, but foundation can often feel mask-like in summer. Silicon-based Airbase foundation is lightweight and has a dewy yet matte finish which makes it perfect when the sun is shining. If wearing foundation is not your thing, then just use some concealer on the areas that need coverage and blend well. Avoid applying any powder on top, unless you want a sunkissed look, in which case a veil of bronzer will do the trick.


Eyeshadows that can be applied both dry and wet are a good option as a drop of water will prolongue their staying power. FrontCover Cosmetics have a huge selection of colourful palettes, including very on trend blues and greens. Applied wet they'll see you through the whole day.
Ellis Faas
eyeshadows go on creamy and turn to powder on the skin and last all day. They come in a pen dispenser which makes them easy to apply.

Eyeliners and mascaras can be tricky to wear as they melt easily and often waterproof products can be tough to take off without pulling eyelashes. Pick lighter, water based ones. Colorsport does a 24 hour range of eyeliners that lasts all day and is easy to wash off. If you'd rather not wear mascara, try their eyelash tint home kit. It takes one minute to dye the eyelashes and results last 30 days. Perfect if you want to avoid panda eyes.


A cream-to-powder blusher is a great option for summer as it lasts all day without looking chalky or dry on the cheeks. Ellis Faas has a great selection of colours that can also be applied on the eyelids.


Bright lips look beautiful in summer but lipstick does melt easily. If you want a bit of colour, one trick is to lightly contour your lips with lipliner and then fill them in. Apply a coat of lip balm or gloss on top to add moisture and shine. Stains are also a great option as being water-based they don't melt. Henna Lips do a bright red stain that comes in a handy pen-like dispenser with a thinner and a bigger tip.