Great value swimwear for all body shapes from slim to curvy

25 June 2018, 17:54 | Updated: 25 June 2018, 17:56

Bikini asset

By Alice Westoby

Wondering what style of bikini would suit your body type? We've found a style perfect for all shapes and sizes...

Picking a bikini for your holiday can be a daunting task and knowing your body type is essential.

Being able to tell if you're a pair or an apple can be the difference between falling in love with your swimwear wardrobe or dreading stepping out onto the beach.

The high street is fantastic at catering for all shapes and sizes so here's the best of the bunch to suit all body types...

Apple shape

Apple shaped bodies are broader around the shoulder area than the waist and hips so a tankini will help balance you out and create an hourglass illusion.

This tankini from F & F £24 at Tesco is perfect. 

Bikinis for all sizes

Big bust

Big busts need equal parts comfort and support so underwired bikinis are a must for those who are bigger in the chest area. 

This underwired bikini £27 from New look is perfect.

Bikinis for all sizes

Hour glass

Hour glass figures are blessed with an evenly balanced frame, to really flatter your curvy figure wear high waisted bikini bottoms to accentuate your waist.

This patterned bikini £38 from ASOS is just the thing.

Bikinis for all sizes

Small bust

If you're extremely svelte then you might find it hard to find a bikini top to suit your upper body. Triangle bikinis are great for this and slimmer figures should take advantage of the fact that it's easier to rock bold patterns like stripes.

This Maison De Nimes bikini £36 from House Of Fraser is perfect.

Bikinis for all sizes

Pear shape

Pear shapes are blessed with big hips, waist and bottoms but are smaller around the chest and shoulders. Balance things out by wearing a bold pattern on your top half and plain coloured bikini bottoms.

This tankini £26 from Bon Marche is perfect.

Bikinis for all sizes


Being pregnant can make buying swimwear a daunting task, but the high streets are well equipped to dress you and your bump for a trip to the beach.

This frilly tankini £34 from ASOS Maternity is super flattering

Bikinis for all sizes

If you're still daunted by the prospect of bikini shopping for you holiday, we spoke to Gok Wan about his three top tips to finding the perfect swim wear.

The style guru and star of 'How To Look Good Naked' certainly knows his stuff so follow his rules and you'll be ready for the beach and feeling confident in no time.