Tea lovers lose their minds after someone adds milk to their teapot

4 August 2018, 10:45

milky tea

What in the name of tea-making?!

It's no secret, us Brits can be a little bit sensative when it comes to our brews.

And while a good cup of tea can be the perfect solution to many of our woes, our tea-making skills can also be the source of many contentions. 

One Leeds-based company found that out the hard way after adding milk in their tea-pot.

*insert gasps of horror*

Headingley Market quickly became the hot topic of conversation after they posted a GIF of their milky tea in a teapot for national Yorkshire Day.

After all, Yorkshire is well known for their strong brews.

But things quickly turned sour for Headingley Market when tea fans started responding to the post with their horror.

One disgruntled fan wrote: 'No I won't visit as you appear to have put milk in your teapot. I am sure people got put in the tower for less.'

While another quipped in saying: 'MILK IN THE TEAPOT! I suddenly have decided that hanging should be brought back for certain offences.'

One Yorkshire lass added: 'My Yorkshire blood says noooooo to milk in teapots!!'

Clearly surprised by the overwhelming response to their post, Headingley Market apologised for their taste in teapots and set the world to rights once again by revealing that they 'don't sell tea so you won't be getting this at the market!'.

Phew! Now won't someone put on the kettle.