This Teacher is complete goals after using memes to mark student's work

20 October 2018, 11:13

meme stickers

We wonder what Gordon Ramsey would say about that 'F'.

Step aside A-F grades, there's a new marker in town...memes!

An American high-school teacher has given the school grading system a well needed makeover and the internet is loving it.

Ainee Fatima, a 27-year-old English and Media studies teacher from Illinois has made receiving your exam results  that little bit more fun by using meme stickers to mark her pupils papers.

Posting a video of herself grading a student's paper with the popular confused Nick Young meme, Ainee who created the stickers herself wrote: "I love grading with my new stickers."

The young teacher even has Gordon Ramsey stickers on hand to tell her pupils they did a 'Good Job'. 

After just a day of sharing her fun classroom creations, Ainee's meme stickers went viral with some admirers labelling her the ultimate #TeachersGoals.

Ainee's meme stickers even encouraged other teachers to come forward with their own pop culture inventions for the classroom.

Speaking with on why she started using memes to grade her papers, she said: "I started using memes because of two reasons, it was kind of appropriate for my class which is a Media Studies English class and we study social media, the impact of it, music, movies, politics and pop culture so the meme sharing has been a regular part of my classroom culture for my students.

"Second, I wanted to take the pressure off negative grades and give the students a laugh."

And the award for the coolest teacher goes to....