The eldest sibling is WORSE at driving and more likely to be done for speeding

13 August 2018, 16:34 | Updated: 13 August 2018, 17:31

Bad driver

A new study has found the eldest of siblings are the ones most likely to pick up bad driving habits and are more likely to get a parking fine.

Older siblings are the worst drivers in the family, it has been claimed.

A survey by  Privilege Car Insurance looked at 1,395 drivers' habits and found that eighty nine percent of older siblings are more likely to speed and as much as 35 per cent are being fined as a result. 

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Among the list of bad driving habits, the survey found that older siblings are 46 percent more likely to drive in the middle of the road and a whopping 47 percent were guilty of cutting off other drivers.

The shocking results also found that 30 per cent of elder siblings are more likely to break the law due to them using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Weirdly, 17 per cent were found to be applying makeup behind the wheel whilst driving. 

According to the research this ultimately has a big impact on road safety as  22 per cent of these ended in minor ones, and 15 per cent in a major accidents.