This Is The Reason Why All Thirty Year Olds DREAD Family Parties

Things Thirty Somethings Are Sick And Tired Of Hea

Sick of Auntie Gertie asking when you'll be going down the aisle at the latest family function? Don't they know that 30 is the new 21!

At every family function or school reunion, theres always the same questions asked and we always sweetly smile and nod along rather than saying mind your own business...

1. Isn't it about time you got married?

Beyonce didn't get a ring on it until she was 28 so give us a break! We can be independent women a little longer...

2. You know, it's so important to work out as you get older... 

Concentrate on your own health and mind your own business thanks! All work and no donuts makes for an unhappy person after all...

3. You look so good for your age! 

EXCUSE ME? I'm not even halfway through my life yet pal so you can bet I look FABULOUS! Would you say that to Lady Gaga, Emilia Clarke and Megan Fox? All thirty, and all smoking'.

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4. Are You Enjoying Your Job? 

Well of course i'd rather be on a beach in Barbados every day, but not all of us are Kardashians sadly...

5. You're Not Getting Any Younger!

No comment.

6. Aren't You Too Old To Be Partying? 

Never to old to party and hide from my responsibilities!