9 Things We Spent Our Pocket Money On In The 70s And 80s

Retro pocket money canvas

Saving up as a child was HARD, especially when the going rate was a few pence here and there - but hey! At least it was better than the farthing they used to get in the 60s!

Nowadays, what with iPads, mobile phones and game stations, kids are splashing their cash on apps or saving for much longer to get the latest gizmo and gadgets. 

Let's take them back to the good old days where a handful of Black Jacks and the latest copy of Smash Hits was all we needed in our weekends. 

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The Groovin' Seventies

1. Figurini Panini Sticker Album

Let's face it, you weren't anybody unless you collected stickers. 

Figurine Panini Sticker album

2. 10p Pick 'n' Mix

Hello Woolworths...

Black Jacks

3. Space Hopper

So we could bounce to and from school. BOING. 

Child on a Space Hopper

4. Jackie Magazine

There wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved by the agony aunts 'Cathy and Claire'. 

Jackie magazine cover 70s

The Electric Eighties

5. Arcade Games

The addiction was real.

6. Space Food Sticks

Because it was the stuff of astronauts!

Space Food Sticks 80s

7. A Metal Lunchbox And A Matching Thermo Flask

What better way to show off your dedication to your favourite film or TV show than to take your lunch to school in one of these?

80s lunchbox gremlins

7. Smash Hits

These were the days before internet. This was the ONLY way to stay up to date with the latest music news.

8. Rubiks Cube

We're not sure why though because we could never complete it. 'Fess up, who just peeled the stickers off?

Honestly, kids don't know how lucky they are these days!