WATCH! This Slingshot Ride Proposal Has To Be The CRAZIEST YET

7 November 2017, 16:31

Man Proposes, Slingshot Ride, girlfriend, proposal

A man asks his girlfriend to marry him whilst she faces her fear of heights!

You know the nerve-wracking feeling you get when you’re waiting for a rollercoaster ride to go. Palms sweaty, hyperventilating, that kind of thing.

Now times that by ten and picture someone proposing to you at that precise moment! Well, that’s exactly what boyfriend, Michael Garcia chose to do to his terrified girlfriend in Orlando, Florida. 

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Whilst his girlfriend was in ultimate panic mode shouting: “I don’t want to do this!” Micheal saw this as the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. 

As she just about manages to spit out the words: “Are you serious?” they are both hurled up 360 feet into the sky!   

She still didn’t quite bring herself to say yes (as she screamed the whole way through!) but seeing as they came down to a round of applause we can only imagine it was good news!

Lucky that ring didn’t fly out of his hand!


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