The Best Tips For A Great Love Life (According To Science)

Couple Dining

Improve your love life, read the signs and get asked on that second date! We take a look at Dr Richard Wiseman's advice on how to get the most out of your relationships with the help of science.

How can you tell if somebody likes you? Will they ask you out on a second date? And what are the best things to talk about on the first?

Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology and author of several bestselling books such as 'The Luck Factor', '59 Seconds' and 'Quirkology', Richard Wiseman shares some of his knowledge for a happy love life.

Have a terrifying date!

According to a study, going to see a horror film, visiting a haunted house or doing something scary will help you with your conquest. Apparently we attribute a racing heart to the person we are with rather than the fact we are in a terrifying situation, so the person you are interested in will think you are giving them butterflies, rather than the ghost jumping at them from inside the closet.

Make sure he's hungry

Research has shown that when men feel peckish they rate bigger women more attractive, so if you are on the curvaceous side plan a few activities or drinks before going to dinner and he won't be able to resist your charms.

Attract Other People's Attention

Human beings seem to always want what is considered desirable by many, so if you want your date to be interested in you, getting attention from other people is the answer. Get somebody to check you out, chat you up or laugh at your jokes. Your date will immediately think they want you too.

Dislike Something Together

"Rather than chatting about topics that you both like, try talking about things you both dislike" says Dr Wiseman "people feel closer to each other when they agree about dislikes rather than likes."

Have A Light Touch

Physical contact can be very enticing. But remember, don't go too far! "If you want someone to find you more attractive, touch them very lightly on the upper arm as you compliment them. But remember, the touch has to be short, constrained to the upper arm, and delivered at the same time as a compliment or request," says the author. Definitely stay above the belt or you may get a slap rather than a second date...

How To Tell If They Are Interested Long Term

According to Dr Wiseman if somebody is interested in you they'll learn towards you, smile and nod as you speak. But if they are just into a short-lived fling, they are more likely to stick their tongue out and lick their lips. Charming.

Remember To Share

Telling each other something personal will create an immediate sense of intimacy, a study has shown. Asking your date something, such as specific moments in their life will also show you are interested in how they feel and what they have to say.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

"Partners spending a few moments each week committing their deepest thoughts and feelings about their relationship to paper boosts the chances of them sticking together by over 20%," claims Dr Wiseman. "Such ‘expressive writing’ results in partners using more positive language when they speak to one another, leading to a healthier and happier relationship."

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