Keep Your Kids Entertained At The Beach With These Tips And Tricks

26 July 2017, 14:38

Keep Your Kids Entertained At The Beach With These

By Hollie Borland

If you're heading to the beach this summer then you might want to follow Heart's Jenni Falconer's advice on how to keep your kids entertained on the sand.

If you're heading abroad on your summer holidays then the chances are that you'll be basing yourself and your family on the golden sands of an exotic beach. 

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But how do you keep the kids busy when they're not cooling off in the sea under your watchful eye? And how can you do it without it costing the earth?

From building your own sandcastles using things lying around the house to getting the children to make their own necklace that will help them cool off from a day in the sun, Jenni's got it all. 

This was filmed at Neverland London, London's only Thameside beach alfresco dining experience. Click here for more information.