Having The Best Sleep EVER? Here's How To Drag Yourself Out Of Bed For A GREAT Morning!

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In partnership with Dreams. Getting up in the morning can be tough but you can wake up on the right side of the bed with these 5 blindingly obvious things that WILL make the start to your day easier!



Whether you have a tiny bathroom, a small wardrobe or you're the most disorganised person on the planet there are no excuses for starting in chaos. 

You probably already know which of your morning habits aren't working for you but you keep making the same mistakes. A stressful morning will affect the rest of your day and making a few simple changes will turn morning madness into a great day whether you are the most organised person or not. This is your guide to a better morning.

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1: Do have a routine
As dull as it sounds a morning ritual is the key to a calm, ordered and peaceful morning. Do you find yourself regularly hunting through the messy drawer to find the car keys or trashing your entire bedroom in search of a hairbrush? This is why you need a plan. Find a place for the essentials, things that will get you out of the house in the morning to live and put them back in the exact same place every single day without fail.

Put your keys by the front door but not visible from outside. Add a hook close by or place a decorative bowl on a console table or shelf so you can get into the habit of always putting your keys in the same place.

Do the breakfast prep before you go to bed. Fill the coffee pot so you only have to add water in the morning and place your cup right next to it, the less you have to think about the better. 

2: Keep Your Boss Out Of Your Bedroom
Have a no screens rule for at least the first 30 minutes in the morning. This means no checking email when you wake up, keep this time just for you and you certainly don't want your boss in your bedroom issuing you instructions before you've even started your day! Resist the urge to check social media too, this might mean turning the sound down on your phone or getting a separate alarm clock so that you're not tempted to take a peek at your mounting email or the birthdays or play dates you've missed when you turn your phone alarm off. 

3: Don't Let Your Wardrobe Stress You Out
Don't subject yourself to the indignity of hunting for your bra under the bed or rummaging through your knicker drawer for your favourite pair of Bridget's. Get your clothes ready the night before and hang up your entire outfit on the one hanger, bra, knickers, tights, dress/jeans and coat. Have it all right there in the one place and you'll be dressed in a jiffy. And No ironing anything in the morning!

4: Keep Beauty Simple And Stick To The Plan 
While your brain is still catching up with the rest of you make sure that you don't over complicate things. Don't introduce anything new or any last minute moves into your beauty routine. Use 2 in 1 products and palettes rather than single eyeshadows or blushers so you don't have to scrabble around in the make-up drawer looking for them and a dash of shower oil will mean you don't have to moisturise once you get out. It goes without saying that you should save face packs, and fake tanning for the weekend. 

5: Take It Easy
Do all of the above every single day especially after a big night out and you will thank yourself as you're guaranteed to glide out of the door lipstick in tact, no more doing your make-up in the car at the lights or on a train full of strangers and no snagged tights!

Have a great morning!  


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