Top 3 Summer dates

There’s little enough opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors given the weather in this country, so if you do spy a shaft of sunshine make the most of it with one of these summer date ideas.

Boating lake picnic
You can’t get much more romantic than a glass of champagne out on the water, be it in a row boat, punt or a pedalo. Unless you’re a seasoned rower you’ll probably spend the first ten minutes paddling in circles but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll be a delight.

Open air cinema
Open air cinema has taken off big time lately. Many UK cities will offer an alfresco screening, including some stunning venues such as London’s Somerset House. Take a couple of cushions, a bottle of your favourite tipple, sit back and enjoy.

Cocktails in the garden
We’re not talking pulling up the plastic patio furniture for a crème de menthe, no, something altogether classier than that. Find your most exclusive bar, make sure it’s got a delightful garden, pop on your finest togs and unleash your inner James Bond or Greta Garbo.

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