Here Are Some Tricks For Saving Money We Bet You Haven't Thought Of!

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Everyone is constantly on the search for the next best way to save money so why not give these tricks a go and see how you fare!

We think we've found some tips for saving money that you might not have thought of!

Pay By Cash Instead Of Card

Cards are SO easy, especially now we have the wonders of contactless payments in our life.

But this does also mean we go around tapping our cards willy nilly and not really keeping track on how much we spend.

The best way to keep track of your spending is to pay by good old fashioned cash. Withdraw a certain amount at the beginning of the week and you'll soon know if you've gone over budget because there will be none left!

It's also been proved by psychologists that people will spend more when paying by card. 

So there you have it!

Its All In Your Mind!

A lot of the time, our brain is to blame for our over spending.

Apparently our brains are more likely to justify spending money on something we will get quickly than something that has a long term reward.

For example, we are more likely to spend £100 on a shopping spree than put £100 into our savings.

So the answer? Trick your brain....simple right!

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Automate Your Saving!

Lets be honest, if it was up to us we wouldn't necessarily put money into our savings account every month like we know we should.

So take away the choice and automate it!

Set up a standing order each month to put how much you'd like to save into your savings account or pension account and then you can happily save without even thinking about it! 

Easy peasy!