Troll Dolls Are Selling For Thousands On eBay

8 September 2017, 13:07 | Updated: 8 September 2017, 14:07

Troll Doll

If you kept the iconic Troll Doll's of your childhood you could be in for a windfall as the (let's face it) slightly creepy plastic toys have been selling for up to £10,000 online.

Most of us will probably remember spending a large portion of our pocket money on the spiky-haired dolls, lining our windowsills and topping our pencils with them at school, but it’s an investment that might be about to pay off. 

If you'd banished them to the attic then it's time to get the step ladder out because one of the original Troll Dolls (complete with a shock of orange hair and a wrinkly, Klingon-esque forehead) is currently priced up at £10,000 on eBay

Troll doll eBay

But don't feel you've missed out if you don’t own this rare version because if you were ever given a a 1965 Viking Dam Troll then you could also earn some cash as the model regularly sells for up to £175 depending on it’s condition. 

‘Giant’ versions regularly rake in up to £200, with both the 1979 Henry version and the Livvy making their owners a nice pocket-lining sum – if you can bear to part with the nostalgic toy. 

Meanwhile, a “rare vintage” Troll – still dressed in its original outfit – is going for £152.26. If you are hoping to sell a limited edition Troll then you need to make sure it still has the the unique stamp and easily-identifiable cone-shaped head to prove its worth. 

What we want to know is when will our jelly shoes be worth something?