Vegan wedding guest is shamed for bringing her own lunchbox to the hen do and the ceremony

25 April 2019, 13:10 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 13:19

The vegan guest prepared food for every meal and brought it with her
The vegan guest prepared food for every meal and brought it with her. Picture: Getty
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The 'nightmare' vegan guest bought her own food to the hen party, rehearsal dinner and the actual ceremony

An angered wedding attendee has bashed a vegan guest after she brought her own Tupperware of vegan food to the hen party, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself, despite there being vegan options for her at all the ocassions.

The wound-up guest is from North Carolina in the US and she took to a wedding shaming Facebook group to rant about her frustrations toward her fellow guest's "rude behaviour".

Writing in the group she said: “I went to a friend’s bach[elorette] party in 2016.

While on the bachelorette party the vegan guest lugged a 5g Tupperware around to all the destinations
While on the bachelorette party the vegan guest lugged a 5g Tupperware around to all the destinations. Picture: Getty

"The maid of honour and the bride were roommates early in college and decided to invite their third roommate who none of the rest of us really knew but we figured the more the merrier.

"This chick caused problems the whole weekend. She’s vegan, (no shame that’s cool) but because of it she didn’t want to pay the same price for food as everyone because she wasn’t going to eat things like pizza, eggs for breakfast etc. I was cool with that.

"The whole weekend she moped around in the kitchen cooking her vegan food, in prep for whatever our next meal was that she wouldn’t be participating in and food shaming us the whole time."

The angry posted explained that the hen party had even made special arrangements for the vegan guest, but that she insisted on bringing her own food regardless.

The poster continued: “We went to a nice restaurant Saturday night, with plenty of vegan options (we checked the menu for her ahead of time) but she insisted on lugging a HUGE Tupperware container of her special food out.

“This girl sat next to me at a 5 star place picking a few bites around from a 5 gallon container.

“Then we went out after and we all had small cross body bags and she carried around this huge Tupperware container at the club all night because she didn’t want to just toss it and spend the money on a new one.

“Basically the whole weekend revolved around her being vegan and rude about it and she drove us crazy.”

The bachelorette party was tainted according to the poster
The bachelorette party was tainted according to the poster. Picture: getty

As the big day approached, the annoyed member of the bridal party joked to the bride that she didn't want to sit with the vegan: "It was totally a joke because the bride had ordered a special vegan meal for her to have at the reception but I really didn’t want to sit with her anyways.”

But much to her surprise the vegan guest brought her Tupperware to the rehearsal dinner.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she then brought some more to the wedding day itself.

She wrote: "I thought she couldn’t possibly do it again at the wedding knowing a special meal was made and paid for her but again you’ll also see a video of her sitting in front of me at the ceremony with a freaking box of prunes she brought to eat for dinner, I would have SNAPPED if I had to sit next to her eating them."

The Facebook group post has gained hundreds of likes and comments by members that are also shocked by the guests' decision to take Tupperware everywhere with her.

The comments include: "Maybe ask if you can bring your own food but ask if they could set it off to the side until it’s time to eat.. I’d feel pretty awkward carrying around food unless I had it in a purse."

Another sassy commenter added: "Bringing outside food to a restaurant is tacky and unsanitary. That's all."

And a third agreed commenting: “This is so extra. As a Vegan I can confidently say that bringing a protein bar and ordering a plain salad is much better than a 5g Tupperware."

However, some members of the group actually defended the wedding guest.

One said: "Let her eat what she wants to eat??? My god It’s almost impossible for restaurants to have truly vegan foods. She came with y’all and brought her own food so she could still be a part of everything."

Another added: “Maybe some extreme food allergies she’s embarrassed about?”