Here Are The Best Ways To Combat Nasty Takeaway Stains On Clothes And Furniture

21 September 2017, 12:51

How To Clean Takeaway Stains

By Alice Westoby

Know the dread of seeing a blob of curry on the sofa after a takeaway? We're here to help!

Takeaways in front of the TV on a Saturday evening seem like a good idea...until one of the little ones spills chicken tikka masala on the sofa and the evening descends into total chaos!

But let stressful Saturday evenings be a thing of the past as the Good Housekeeping Institute has revealed the best ways to beat takeaway stains on clothes and upholstery.

Chinese Food

Spilt some soy sauce on the cream sofa? Fear not, there is an easy way to remedy a mess from a Chinese takeaway.

Whether it is on you or the carpet, blot the excess using a cloth and then flush the stain with water before rubbing with washing up liquid. If the stain is on an item of clothing you could even pop it in the washing machine with some biological powder.

Chinese Takeaway

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips might not seem like it will cause problems, it's a pretty beige meal no matter how good it tastes, however there is always the risk of greasy fingers!

Sprinkle talcum power on greasy finger marks, leave for five minutes to soak up the grease and then brush off.

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The Good Housekeeping Institute that tomato stains are some of the toughest to rid but where there is a will there is a way, but you have to get to work immediately.

Eating Pizza

Scrape off any food with a blunt knife, blot with a paper towel and then massage the area with detergent solution before flushing with cool water.

Still no joy? They advise "as a last resort, try soaking the item in a colour-safe, oxygen bleach."

Indian Food

The main culprit in all stain causing Indian food is turmeric which leaves yellow-tinged stains wherever it reaches. Act fast here too and blot the excess sauce before soaking in methylated spirits for ten minutes. 

Blot again with a white towel and when there is no transference of colour machine wash at a high temperature.

Follow these top tips and fingerprints and stains after a Saturday night in should be a thing of the past!