Couple move their wedding forward so their dying dog could attend

22 February 2019, 13:44 | Updated: 22 February 2019, 13:46

Bride and groom
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Heartbroken at the idea of not being able to spend her big day with Brucie, the couple planned their wedding at three weeks notice.

A couple from Derbyshire moved their wedding so their pet dog Brucie could attend the nuptials.

Estelle and Danny Harris were left devastated at the thought their beloved Bullmastif might not be able to make it to the big day following his cancer diagnosis as he was given just months to live.

Upon hearing the news, they made the decision to sacrifice their deposit, catering and the attendance of some guests in order to move the date forward within three weeks of his diagnosis.

The couple had been due to wed in May, but Brucie had been rushed to hospital with white gums and a blue tongue - a warning sign the dog is suffering from Oxygen depletion.

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Brucie had a pleural effusion, meaning fluid needed to be drained from around his heart and lungs if he was going to survive.

During the procedure, vets found a cancerous lump in his chest the size of a grapefruit, and the coulee were told to expect the worse.

The surgery took seven hours and Brucie had to have several ribs taken out in the process. But while he survived the operation, he was later diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma - an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

This is when Estelle and Danny were told their beloved dog would only have four months to live.

Heartbroken at the idea of not being able to spend her big day with Brucie, whom she had since he was eight-weeks, the bride opted to get married at three weeks notice.

Last minute arrangements meant that Estelle's aunty was forced to step in to make finger food in lieu of catering.

Estelle said: "Having Brucie there with me on the day was the most important thing, hence why we changed it. I think some people think we are

"Everything I do in life revolves around him."I love him more than anything and every day my heart is broken because he's dying and there's nothing I can do about it, except love him and make memories."