Bride-to-be shows off her HUGE engagement ring but people can't stop talking about her nails

13 June 2019, 15:53

One bride-to-be has gone viral
One bride-to-be has gone viral. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

All anyone can focus on is this bride-to-be's fake nails...

A bride-to-be has sent the internet into meltdown after she shared a photo of her engagement ring online.

But rather than complimenting the sparkling ring she was given, people were left distracted by her fake nails.

After an anonymous woman proudly posted the photo of the diamond on her finger, she was quickly trolled over her acrylics which had completely grown out.

The pink and gold manicure is halfway up her nails, and barely touching the cuticle anymore.

One woman's nails have gone viral
One woman's nails have gone viral. Picture: Facebook - That's It, I'm Nail Shaming

Sharing the photo on a ring shaming group on Facebook, one member captioned it: "Cross posting [this] from That's It, I'm Nail Shaming, because that ring is as awful as whatever the hell is happening with her nails."

According to The Sun, it was then bombarded with responses, as someone replied: "I'm not normally speechless when I look at these kinda photos but damn... I'm 100% speechless.”

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Another said: "I couldn't even focus on the ring after seeing the nails".

"Looks like the nail is trying to run away from the ring," a third commented.

A fourth was perplexed as to why two nails had grown so much faster, as they wrote: "I'm so confused... how did that ring finger nail grow so much faster?"

While a fifth added: “Surely this ain’t real, if her nails grew out that quick they’d be chipped to death.”

A bride-to-be's ring has gone viral
A bride-to-be's ring has gone viral. Picture: Getty Images

Most acrylic nails will last around a month, but some can stay on up to six weeks depending on how fast your nails grow underneath it.

But it seems as though the woman pictured wasn’t prepared for her engagemnt, as instead of heading back to the salon to get her nails re-done, she decided to keep the old ones on.

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This comes after another bridal story went viral earlier this month when a bridesmaid asked whether or not she should still be expected to pay for a hendo if her friend had cancelled her wedding.

The anonymous woman took to web forum Mumsnet to explain why she doesn't think it's fair for the bride to still want to attend.

She explained: "Months ago I paid a deposit to go on the hen weekend away.

"But since then, the wedding has been cancelled.

"Fast forward to this week and the hen group chat has a new message with a reminder that we need to pay the balance this week - we are talking hundreds of pounds.

"Is it unreasonable for me to say I no longer wish to go given the change of circumstances?"

Users were seemingly divided over the question, as one wrote: "Maybe the hen needs cheering up, my friend postponed her wedding due to family issues but we still all went away to support her and make a fuss".

Another agreed: "If they are all your friends just go and enjoy the weekend away. Maybe the bride needs a bit of cheering up with that trip".

But one hit back: "No not at all. What the hell?! Can't imagine may people will still want to go".