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A bride asked her guest to do the washing up

Wedding guests forced to wash dishes after bride ‘blew budget’ on dress

A bride has been called ‘selfish’ after leaving angry note warning strangers not to ruin her wedding

Bride sparks outrage after banning strangers from public woodland on her wedding day

A woman is furious after being uninvited from her sister's wedding

'I was banned from my sister’s wedding for not letting her honeymoon at my house'

The bride shared her story to Reddit (stock images)

Bride tells groom she'll cancel the wedding if he doesn't shave his beard for the big day

There are new wedding rules for couples

Couples face £10,000 fines if they fail to make wedding day ‘Covid safe’

A bride has revealed the 'transparency letters' which she sent to her bridesmaids

Woman goes viral for sharing letter she sent to bridesmaids to be 'transparent' about wedding costs

The bride has asked the internet for advice (stock images)

Maid of honour says she won't be in wedding 'if she can't breastfeed at altar'

A bride has refused to let her friend bring her baby to the wedding

'I refuse to let my bridesmaid bring her newborn baby to our child-free wedding’

A bride has put her Paypal details on the side of her car

'Cheeky' bride asks strangers to fund her wedding by putting PayPal details on car

Marriage certificates will now include mothers' names

Marriage certificates to include mothers' names for the first time in England and Wales

The wedding guidance has been updated for April (stock images)

Wedding guidance for England updated to allow more venues to hold them from April

The bride's story was shared to Reddit (stock images)

Bride upset after guest fills seven takeaway boxes with food from the buffet

These are the most popular celebrity wedding venues

These are the most popular celebrity wedding venues, including £2,000 per guest ranch

Weddings for thousands of couples could be called off

7,000 weddings at risk of cancellation following confusion over Government guidelines

A bride has asked her guests for a cash donation

Couple slammed as ‘greedy’ for asking wedding guests to make a cash donation on invite

A woman has ordered her bridesmaids to sign a 37 rule contract

Bride slammed after forcing friends to sign contract banning them from getting pregnant or dyeing their hair

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Tier 1, 2 and 3 wedding rules: What are the restrictions for getting married after lockdown in England?

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Bride divides opinion after admitting she's considering uninviting sister-in-law from wedding

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Bride considers uninviting own sister from wedding as she can't afford expensive gift

The bride has been slammed on Reddit (stock images)

Bride slammed for demanding guests attend during pandemic and gift her £23k

A bride's best friend has demanded her expensive gift back

Wedding guest demands bride returns expensive gift after being disinvited due to coronavirus